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Natural Fertility Supplements and Products for Men

Promoting optimal conditions for conceiving

Fertility Tests for Men

SpermCheck Fertility Test – Home sperm count test

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An easy to use at home test for checking your sperm count, it is important to note that no test can match a full professional sperm diagnostic in a lab but what a home fertility kit can definitely do is give you an indication of your overall sperm count and the likelihood of optimal fertility. The test can be ordered online and delivered to your home giving you the privacy you may desire.

If you are interested in ordering a SpermCheck Fertility test or learning more about the product do visit Fairhaven Health’s website which includes an in-depth overview of the product, video, Q&A, and reviews.

Natural Fertility Supplements & Superfoods for Men


Improves sperm count, motility & morphology

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There are many factors that can impact your sperm count, what goes into your body is definitely one of them. Fertilaid can help improve your overall sperm quality and quantity by providing your body with the ingredients it needs to make healthy sperm, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with the amino acid, L-Carnitine all contribute towards giving your body the support it needs.


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If you are concerned or have already tested and found that you have low sperm count this product is the perfect fit for you. This product is designed to be taken along with FertilAid for Men. A non-prescription vitamin, antioxidant and herbal dietary supplement designed specifically for improving sperm count.


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Motility is the ability to move spontaneously and actively; when it comes to your sperm this is extremely important especially if you are trying to conceive naturally. Motility boost is designed to be taken with Fertilaid to give your sperm everything it needs to be motile. If you are concerned about your motility you should definitely consider motility boost as an add-on to Fertilaid, if however you only intend on taking one supplement we recommend taking Fertilaid for men.

Natural Detoxification Supplements for Men – Fertility


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Clinic Grade Fertility Supplements for Men


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FH PRO is the most complete, male fertility supplement on the market, it is designed not only to improve sperm count, concentration, and motility but also morphology and DNA integrity. FH PRO is intended to complement Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IVF but can be used by all. FH PRO is a clinical grade supplement with no herbal ingredients and includes CoQ10, L-Carnitine, Arginine, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Lycopene it is a complete solution specifically designed by leading experts to give you the very best chances of conceiving.


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By now we’ve all heard about the great benefits of healthy fats from fish oils high in omega-3, what many don’t know is that the low-fat industry so prevalent in today’s foods in supermarkets across America can actually create sub-optimal conditions for sperm production. Of course, high fat diets combined with a sedentary lifestyle are bad for your health but good fats are important! This product is specifically formulated to help ensure your body has EPA and DHA fats from fish oil that your body needs for optimal sperm health.


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This Peruvian cruciferous plant has been used for centuries as a folk remedy to benefit libido and energy levels. Turns out that after actual testing there is truth to the folk tales,  a study found significant increases in sperm count, motility, and semen volume. Animal studies with Maca have also indicated that it may benefit overall sperm health and encourage healthy spermatogenesis (sperm production).


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Royal Jelly is what the Queen Bee eats, a queen bee lives for 6 years which is impressive when compared to the worker bee which will only survive for 45 days. Royal Jelly is very popular with both men and women trying to conceive.


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Multiple studies have been done on Co-Q10 it is an excellent anti-oxidant that improves cellular energy capacity. It won’t just help with fertility but also overall health.

Formulated to enhance fertility in women and men by helping the body’s detoxification systems to neutralize and remove the toxic compounds that diminish fertility.

Fertility Teas for men


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A natural herbal way to improve your fertility. Using Chinese and Ayurverdic medical traditions and emerging scientific research all point towards the tea optimizing male reproductive health, enhance fertility and promote optimal sexual function and desire.

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Trying for a baby? Drop that lube … use this one instead.

We wrote an awesome article about the importance of using the right lube for fertility and you can read it by clicking here: Is my lube preventing pregnancy?   There are some basic facts to consider when choosing a fertility lubricant; the first is simply that most lubricants are not designed with fertility in mind. Parabens are harmful to reproductive health and most lubricants you will find on the market contain parabens. Your bodies natural fluids may not be enough when you are trying to conceive on a schedule; let’s face it timing things can often put stress on baby making activities and the right lubricant can make things more pleasurable, comfortable and provide the right amount of fluids for optimal chances of conceiving.