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Make Nighttime Feeds Easier

Limit the exhaustion and enjoy newborn days

The first weeks with baby can be quite tough when it comes to sleep. With frequent feeds, sleep may not come easily for the adults and the kids of the house. Simple things such as adequate lighting though can make night time feeds easier – it will be easier for your baby to fall asleep again if not all lights were put on. It’s also great if siblings are in the same room. And for you – leaving dimmed lighting during feeds will make falling asleep again much easier.

Body Motion Sensing Night Light

This 3.6W LED Body Motion Sensing Night Lighting Auto Sensor Lamp is great for stairs, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the baby’s room. It has a motion/light sensor that immediately opens when it senses movement. It’s durable, weather resistant, tightly sealed and resistant to UV materials.


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