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How do I prevent newborn eczema?

Protect your baby’s skin from the start

Your baby’s skin is sensitive; finding an organic product with no harsh chemicals or irritants sets your baby’s skin on the right track from the very start. Choosing the right bath products helps protect your baby from eczema, cradle cap, keratosis pillaris, and dry skin.

Wash with Water All Natural Organic Newborn Skin Care

Wash with Water’s newborn bundle is great for all skin types and helps manage conditions like eczema, cradle cap, keratosis pilaris, and even dry skin. It has no harsh chemicals or irritants, all products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, designed for your baby’s delicate skin. The fact that they are organic and also moisturize is another plus! There’s a Wash with Water product for everyone, check them out:


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