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Crib Linen Ideas for the Nursery

What kind of crib linen should I buy?

The crib is, without a doubt, the centerpiece of the nursery. It’s where your newborn will grow into a toddler, sleeping comfortably and safely. The crib linen you choose will set the nursery theme and style. This is the bedding you’ll need for your little one’s crib:

  1. A fitted crib sheet – this is a must for your crib – choose one that fits perfectly with your mattress for utmost safety.
  2. A crib mattress pad – a waterproof mattress pad comes in handy when dealing with accidents. When buying your fitted sheet (above), ensure that it fits well over both the mattress and the mattress pad.
  3. A crib skirt – purely optional, a crib skirt is a decorative piece great for hiding under the crib storage.
  4. Swaddles – swaddling your baby helps them sleep longer whilst also possibly reducing the risk of SIDS.

Crib Linen Ideas

When purchasing crib linen, make life easier and ensure that they are machine washable; choosing a healthy and organic option also helps your baby’s sensitive skin. 100% cotton is great for newborns. Here are some options:

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