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Changing Diapers Has Never Been Easier

Change diapers quickly using appropriate wet wipes

How do I choose the best wipes for baby?

Scent should not be your priority when choosing wet wipes for your newborn. Little ones tend to have super sensitive skin which means that you have to be careful when shopping for wipes. There are countless brands and makes available and it’s normal to feel a tad confused.

Store brands v Big Brands – which wet wipes to buy?

Whilst store brands are relatively cheaper than big name ones, they also tend to not meet all your requirements – their packaging either makes nappy changes more time consuming, or else they’re too thin and you end up using many more.

Easy to use wet wipes

Choosing wipes with a flip up lid can make life easier, as having extra thick ones which will do the job quicker. Nappy changing is already a dexterous job – avoiding dives for more wipes can be helpful!

Wet wipes for travel

And here’s another tip – having some travel size wipes can free up space in your nappy changing bag and still do the job well. Just remember to restock before heading out the door.

Here are some baby wet wipes ideas to make the job easier:


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