It’s hard to even think about maternal injury or death when happily expecting a child. Unfortunately, many new mothers experience birth injuries that they have to live with for the rest of their lives; others succumb to their injuries and grieving families deserve answers and justice. As medical malpractice lawyers at Pegalis Law Group note, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate in some cases of maternal death.

Statistically, and despite its medical advances, the U.S. has the worst record for maternal deaths amongst developed nations, and more than half of these are actually preventable. 600 women die each year due to complications during pregnancy and delivery. Causes of maternal death include heart problems, massive postpartum hemorrhage, infections, preeclampsia, and blood clots.

A maternal death case requires proof of medical malpractice and ill-effects on the surviving family. Read more about the elements that make up a wrongful death case: How Birth Injuries Can Affect New Mothers.

Knowing how to reduce the chances of maternal death can help you approach birth better. A healthy lifestyle, improved prenatal care, and appropriate care in the delivery room substantially increases the chances of a positive outcome for both mom and baby.

Read more about this here: Maternal Death: A Look at a Preventable Tragedy

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