A new study has found that the risk of an endometriosis diagnosis is reduced amongst women who breastfed.

The study provided new insight into a condition that until now had very few known modifiable factors.

Whilst the condition affects 10 per cent of women in the United States, women who breastfed for a longer period were less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis. This means that breastfeeding may be an important factor in reducing the risk of endometriosis following pregnancy.

The team followed thousands of women for more than twenty years. In women who exclusively breastfed, endometriosis risk dropped 14 percent for every three additional months of exclusive breastfeeding per pregnancy. Over a reproductive lifetime, women who breastfed exclusively for eighteen months or more had an almost 30 percent lower risk of endometriosis.

Read more about this study in this Science Daily article:

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