So you want to know how to become a sperm donor, you’re ready to help families and you heard the compensation is pretty good. Well at Dreaming of Baby we like making sure you get the most accurate information.

We went to the World’s largest sperm bank and found out exactly what it takes to be a sperm donor. So you’re thinking: I want to donate my sperm …

Step 1 Meet Joey, the sperm donor co-ordinator at Cryos’ Orlando location

Charles: Today we have with us Joey from Cryos Sperm Bank, we will be discussing how to become a sperm donor. Thank you for joining us today Joey, how are you today?
Joey: I’m doing very well thanks for asking.
Charles: It is my understanding that you are a sperm donor coordinator, can you tell us a little about what you do?
Joey: I am responsible for approving donor candidate applications, calling and educating the candidates on the process for becoming a donor as well as registering them and scheduling them for required tests.
Charles: Excellent, so let’s say I was considering becoming a donor. What would be my first step to getting in touch with you? Is there a specific application process?
Joey: The first step is to check out our website and read over the requirements and regulations for becoming a donor. You can then apply and within 24 – 48 hours we will let you know if your application has been approved and you can come into our facility for the initial analysis.

Step 1 – Visit the website, read the requirements and apply. The form takes a few minutes to fill out and you will get a reply within two business days. If the reply is positive, you will be invited to visit Cryos’s Donor location in Orlando and donate a sample for analysis.

Charles: So what type of information will I find on the website? Are there any specific requirements for becoming a sperm donor?
Joey: Depending on your ethnicity, the height requirement starts at 5’4″, you should have a college degree or be currently studying. There are a few medical requirements, but those can be addressed once you apply. Generally, if you are a healthy male with no disqualifying medical issues you should be fine.
Charles: Excellent so how much information do I need to provide to get started, will the form take long to fill out?
Joey: The initial application form is a single page and should only take a couple minutes at most to complete. It asks you for your basic information and brief medical/lifestyle history

Charles: Once I send the application in what happens next?
Joey: within 24 – 48 hours we will let you know if your application has been approved and you can come into our facility for the initial analysis.

Charles: So within 2 business days I will know if I have been accepted to become a donor? Is there further screening? Did you mention an initial analysis?
Joey: I tell new donors that it is like an interview; before we can register you as a donor we first want to make sure your sperm is able to survive our freezing process. You will come into our facility with a valid ID after abstaining for at least 48 hours and provide an initial sperm sample. Our lab technologists will put it through our freezing process to make sure their sperm survives our freezing process.

Depending on your ethnicity, height requirement starts at 5’4″, you should have a college degree or be currently studying.

Charles: So wait, I would come in and in my first visit, I would be providing a sample for analysis?
Joey: Yes!

Charles: You also mentioned abstaining for two days prior to the initial analysis, this basically means don’t ejaculate for two days?
Joey: Exactly no sex or masturbation for two days

Charles: Do I fill in any paperwork on that first visit or am I simply providing a sample? After I provide it what happens next?
Joey: There’s one paper to fill out with your name, email and phone number so I can call you back the next day and let you know if your sample survived the freezing.

Step 3 to becoming a sperm donor – Medical Exam & first sperm donation

Charles: Excellent, so let’s say everything is good; what happens next?
Joey: I’ll schedule you for a medical exam and get you registered as a donor. There is a physical examination and blood draw involved

Charles: Ok, does this take long and how soon is it normally scheduled? Do I get anything at this point in terms of compensation?
Joey: The medical exam takes about an hour, I will also give you a gift card for giving your first donation and to cover for travel expenses

Charles: Once the medical is conducted, how long before I know that I am ok to start donating?
Joey: After the medical exam you’ll provide your first donation. We will perform a genetic test and once we get the results after 3 weeks you’ll know if you’re eligible to continue donating. If your results come back positive for a disease then we will inform you and unfortunately have to destroy your samples It is a test people would normally pay for and you’d be getting it for free!

You’re now an active Sperm Donor

Charles: Ok so, while the in-depth testing is taking place, I can continue donating. As long as everything checks out I can continue to donate. Is there a limit of how many times I can donate?
Joey: Yes you can continue donating while we wait for your test results. Our donors typically donate 2 – 3 times a week, as long as they have abstained for 2 days.

Charles: I know your website says sperm donors can earn up to $1,300 per month, what will impact how much I am actually compensated for donating. Of course, I care about helping families but I would like to have a better understanding on how I would be compensated for my time.
Joey: Most donors will typically net less than that. The checks are every 10 donations based on the sperm count so the higher the count the bigger your check. We’re required to hold those 10 samples in quarantine for 6 months and once we’re able to release them to our website to sell we’ll write you another check. We will be performing a blood draw for every check to make sure your medical history hasn’t changed.

Charles: So basically I get paid twice for the same sperm, once when I close off a batch of ten which if I donate three times a week would be on average monthly.
And another time six months later? Do you need to do another medical at six months or?
Joey: Yes so every 6 months we’ll perform another medical exam, this one will take less time than your first exam and is normally done on a day that you would donate.

Charles: Excellent. So the actual donating, do I wind up having to wait in-line or is the process quick and easy? What do I do when I walk into your donation center?
Joey: The process is pretty quick, you’ll check in, make yourself a label and go into one of our donor cabins where you’ll have privacy media and magazines are in the cabins.

The process is pretty quick, you’ll check in, make yourself a label and go into one of our donor cabins where you’ll have privacy media and magazines are in the cabins. A lot of our donors stop by on their lunch break or before heading into work or class. – Joey

Charles: So basically just a quick break from the day to day routine, visit your center, in an out and we’re done?
Joey: Exactly. A lot of our donors stop by on their lunch break or before heading into work or class.

Sperm donor anonymity. Will anyone know I’m a sperm donor?

Charles: With regards to anonymity, does anyone ever know who I am as a donor or is all this kept private?
Joey: All of our donors are anonymous on our website, we’ll just have your basic characteristics like hair color, height, and ethnicity.
Joey: There is some misconception because you can elect to become non-anonymous. Now you’ll still be anonymous on our website, it just means that if a child is conceived by you and turns 18, they could request your basic contact info. Only the child can get this information, only when they turn 18 and only if they actually request it. You don’t have to worry about a parent coming to you looking for child support.
Charles: That’s a relief, so basically even if I choose non-anonymous my real name and last name are never made public; it is simply the conceived child that could one day at 18 requests to get in touch.
Joey: That’s correct, we’ll give you a fake name on our website. In fact we won’t tell you what your donor name is to ensure your confidentiality.
Charles: Excellent this has been very interesting, so if I’m thinking of being a sperm donor I should probably keep in mind that I need to be close enough to donate a couple of times a week. Anything else I should keep in mind or anything that I shouldn’t do prior to coming in for my first visit.

Choose a sperm donation center that is close by – Cryos’s Sperm Donation center is located close to UCF in Orlando, Florida

Joey: Our donors should live within an hour of our location and I tell them that anything that is good for their health should benefit their sperm count. The big factors are abstinence and staying hydrated. There are many articles and information available about sperm health and I believe Dreaming of Baby has covered the subject substantially.

Charles: One last question, I understand I won’t know what my name is on your site but will I get any information with regards to the health of my sperm etc?
Joey: Every time you visit I can go over your donation and let you know the count, how well it survived and give any advice on how to improve your production

Gift cards and checks

Charles: Excellent that is great and you mentioned the gift card on my first visit; do I get one every visit to compensate me for the travel time?
Joey: Once you’re registered every time you provide a donation I’ll give you a gift card for your travel expenses.
Charles: Is that cut out from my future payments or is it over and above the regular payments?
Joey: It is separate so the gift cards are not included in your check
Charles: Thank you for your time today!!!

So where do I get started if I’m interested in becoming a sperm donor?


There are a number of things you are probably going to want to check out so here are a few links you will need: 1. How to Become a sperm donor 2. Reasons to become a sperm donor & basic requirements.  You can also go straight to the 3. SPERM DONOR APPLICATION

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