While more common amongst older adults and those with weakened immune systems, sepsis is also a possibility in a pregnancy, labor and delivery environment. Sepsis is an infection-related complication where chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger an inflammatory response in the body.  Also known as blood poisoning, the illness may cause injury to tissue and affect multiple organs, causing them to fail, in some cases leading to death.

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Initial signs and symptoms of sepsis include a rapid heartbeat, high respiratory rate, or abnormal body temperature. Once the illness progresses, it manifests itself in abrupt changes in mental status, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, low platelet count, atypical heart function, or little to no urine. Septic shock can follow if the patient is also experiencing very low blood pressure.

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If a medical professional failed to identify sepsis, it may be considered as medical malpractice. The malpractice law firm Pegalis Law Group, LLC can assist you in determining if such is the case.

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